Molly has arrived :o)

It is so hard sometimes to get a good photograph and this is the best I have of Molly framed and ready to go. She has arrived at her new home and I won’t pretend I don’t like making money but this email means so much more:

“Oh my word I do not know what to say to you. I cried when I took Molly out of the box. She is FANTASTIC!! I can’t tell you how pleased I am with her, you have done such a brilliant job in capturing her little pretty face. I am overjoyed. Thank you soooo much!!”

This is a better photograph.


Honey and Costa

Honey is at the balancing tones and tweaking stage, as is Costa, so still much to do to both of them.  I may also prep the board for Amber today.

Thing is, it’s lovely in the garden and I can hear a sunny patch calling my name…

I’ve resisted….still working indoors.

Macmillan Sale Follow Up

The Macmillan Secret Art Sale was a great success. (My two submissions sold early!)

This is from the gallery’s website:

“Can I please say a huge ‘Thank You!’ on behalf of the Macmillan team and myself to all the people who took part in our Secret Art Sale. Thanks go to all the artists and celebrities without whom none of this would have been possible. Thanks also to all the purchasers who scrabbled to buy the artwork, especially on the Preview Night when it was all a bit of a mad dash!!

We sold 153 out of 180 paintings donated and raised a magnificent £9500 for Macmillan Cancer Support!
Watch this space in 18 months time when we start up again for another sale,this looks set to be a bi-annual event.”


Costa and Molly are still on the boards in my line of sight as I begin work on Honey. There’s definitely more work to do to Costa but I think Molly is finished. Sometimes this is the hardest stage…knowing when to stop.

I shall give Molly a few more days, just in case, then I shall mount and frame her and send her to her new home. As she has raised funds for the British Hen Welfare Trust.

More Molly…nearly done

Molly after 32 hours. Time to leave her for today and come back to her with a fresh eye on Saturday for some finishing tweaks. Then she’ll be off to her new home.

Drawn on the 4th July…

Drawn on the fourth of July will be Molly.
It’s a beautiful day again…I’d love to sit in the sun and relax but I really want to get Molly finished by the end of this week.

It’s occurred to me that I don’t know anyone who was born on the fourth of July.

RSS feed

Hmm…I’m trying to link my blog to a specific Facebook page rather than a whole account, using an RSS feed thingy. Am slowly losing the will to blog!