If you want to get ahead…

…get a hat!

All work and no play would make me a dull boy, right?
So here I am going to one of my favorite places to eat and, for a change,
not dressed like a boy.

It was a beautiful evening and a very welcome distraction.



Doing my happy dance!

I am so chuffed to have been given the
Carre Gallery Directors Award for my gorilla drawing.


Recognition is such a confidence booster and I can’t thank them enough.
Right then, enough grinning, I have work to do.
Haver a good day, every one.


Crumpet, tea and toast…


Crumpet the fox packaged and ready to go.
I take no chances so here’s how I do it…

1: Layer of bubble wrap.
2: Board over the front to protect the glass.
3: Second layer of bubble wrap.
4: Extra bubble wrap on each corner.
5: Third layer of bubble wrap.
6: Fourth layer of bubble wrap.
7: Wrapped in corrugated cardboard.
8: Wrapped in plastic.
9: Sent to arrive the next morning, trackable and signed for.
10: Wished well and bon voyage.

Now I don’t sleep until I know she has arrived safe and well.
It’s often a little hard to see them go. I spend so many hours with them,
looking into their eyes, seeing every shade of light and dark, every whisker,
really getting to know them. I feel honoured to draw them.
I am lucky to be able to do what I love and love what I do.
So now I’m going to drink tea and eat toast…’cause I love that, too!