Better light and almost done, maybe, perhaps, I think, or not…

The light improved and Willow and Faye are now off the easel but still on the board. This is the stage where I think I may have finished but over the next few days I spot things which make me wonder how on earth I ever thought I had finished!

Once I am convinced this is finished I shall take some better pictures then these below


Bad light stops everything. Ugh!

Faye and Willow only need a few hours to be finished and I had hoped to do that over the next couple of days…but what has happened to the daylight? Even with my drawing lamps it’s like night in here! I’m hoping it will brighten up later as I find delays like this very frustrating.

…and the sun has gone where exactly?

This is how Willow and Faye are looking after about 28 hours

Click on the picture for a closer view
Today I shall concentrate on Faye to bring her to the same stage as Willow,
then I shall work on them both to bring the tones and balance together.
There’s a lot of underlying brown in both dogs and this photograph shows it well.
Willow looked this colour in her earlier stages.