Price Guide

Please use the following as a guide only.
Portraits take approximately eight weeks to complete.
Delivery in person is nice but not always possible.

See the bottom of the page for delivery details.

CD Cat     CD Dog
12cm x 12cm Framed from £50

Approximately A4 Unframed, unmounted from £140

Approximately A4 Framed from £190

Approximately A3 Framed from £300
Approximately A3 Unframed, unmounted from £250

I take no chances when sending by Royal Mail so here’s how I do it…

1: Layer of bubble wrap.
2: Board over the front to protect the glass.
3: Second layer of bubble wrap.
4: Extra bubble wrap on each corner.
5: Third layer of bubble wrap.
6: Fourth layer of bubble wrap.
7: Wrapped in corrugated cardboard.
8: Wrapped in plastic.
9: Sent to arrive the next morning, trackable and signed for.
10: Wished well and bon voyage.

As a guide, the delivery cost using Royal Mail
for the portrait in the picture below was £20