Couch to 5K…

Today I told Sarah Millican to f*ck off!

She kep telling me to run. Every 90 seconds she told me to run…and I did.

I’ve downloaded the NHS Couch to 5K app and have just survived the first run of week one. I chose Sarah to bully me. Thank you TB for running with me at the slowest pace known to man, woman or beast :)

I’m a seasoned walker but now it’s time to run.
TB was a triathlete so he can already do that running thing and cycling and swimming. Really though, walking and running will do for me.

Go me!


Get a grip!

My mood this morning…

I have food, shelter, warmth, education, healthcare all the essentials and then no end of luxuries. There are people who have no clean water, not enough to eat, no access to education, no healthcare. There are people literally dodging bullets and yet I frequently hear young “adults” having a hissy fit because the Sky TV box keeps re-setting, or not enough likes on Facebook or “he hasn’t texted back…it’s been like three minutes!” Seriously, get a grip!

I once stood in the bottled water aisle of a large supermarket and huffed and sighed because, in spite of the dozen different brands in various permutations, they had run out of 6 x 1 litre packs of Evian. Then the shame hit me. Really? I’m cross because of this, when millions of people don’t have clean water?

It seems utterly ridiculous that so many people are starving when so many people are suffering through excess. People malnourished through lack of food yet in this first world of plenty, there are people who are malnourished because they stuff themselves with junk.

Oh and the sense of entitlement which seems so prevelant lately…don’t get me started on that!