Handel, Winehouse, Holly or Mouse…

Radio Five Live reception is bad this afternoon and I’ve had enough of local Lincolnshire radio so it’s time for something else as I work. Can’t decide between Handel, Amy Winehouse, Buddy Holly or Eek-a-mouse.

Distractions and deviations

I’ve spent the past few hours being distracted by things so insignificant I can’t even remember what they were and deviated from my intention to draw, to things so trivial I have no idea what I’ve been doing all morning. So, I’ve made a pot of coffee, I’ve had toast and Marmite and shall soon begin my day’s work…no, really…


One Little Egg and the British Hen Welfare Trust

I am thrilled that Yasmin Coleman has offered a bespoke pet portrait as a mini-auction prize. Her work is incredible. So whoever pledges the highest donation before Saturday will win a bespoke portrait of their pet by Yasmin. It’s an incredible gift for yourself or a loved one, & every single penny will go to the BHWT to help end battery farming. Just email your pledge to:  contact@onelittleegg.co.uk

One Little Egg began with one little egg, which was swapped for a Marmite Toast Rack, which was swapped for  signed Star Trek script, which was swapped for a night in a Welsh B&B, which was swapped for a £125 Red Letter Day voucher…you get the picture! The hope is to end up with something valuable to auction to raise funds for the British Hen Welfare Trust.
In addition to this, to help One Little Egg raise funds for the Trust I’ve donated a portrait which is being auctioned.

Soft Options Window Display

I have a display of work in the window of Soft Options in the Market Place in Sleaford. I’m very grateful to have the chance for my work to be seen locally. It’s hard to tell from this quick snap which drawings these are so below is a quick snap I took of them on display in the living room yesterday.

Still hard to tell, I know!

Organised and efficient…me?

We went to Lincoln today to buy frames and mounts; but how annoying to realise when I got home that I have a couple of very nice frames for which I should have bought mounts. Still, how boring it must be to be organised and efficient. Hmmm…I should like to give it go in case it makes life easier.
I enjoyed drawing the CD sized pictures so much that I’ve bought a couple of frames for this very purpose. So now, I have to stop faffing (I am very organised and efficient at that!) and do some work.

Macmillan drawings ready

The two CD sized drawings are complete and ready to be sent to the gallery. I’ve enjoyed working within such a small area and I do like the results. I think I shall be doing more. Watch this 12 x 12cm space. I’ve posted photographs of them on the Gallery page

Rewind, restart, rework

I often look at my work and think it’s not good enough then when I look again I like it but very occasionally, and it is very, very occasionally, I’m genuinely not happy with a drawing. This was so with the CD Dog, so today I have started again as sometimes it’s quicker to start again than to bring a drawing back to the point where I feel it went wrong. No progress photographs as they’ll look pretty much the same as the last lot but I shall post the finished picture.
I’ve had two slices of salt and pepper bread, (shhh…it was four) and the kettle’s on so I’m all ready to go.


Over the years I’ve used many pencil sharpeners, some good, some useless. Even the good ones are sometimes useless. I’ve just bought some made by Maped and oh my…they are brilliant, twice the price (95p each!) but brilliant. I’m hoping they’ll be consistently brilliant.