If you want to get ahead…

…get a hat!

All work and no play would make me a dull boy, right?
So here I am going to one of my favorite places to eat and, for a change,
not dressed like a boy.

It was a beautiful evening and a very welcome distraction.


Doing my happy dance!

I am so chuffed to have been given the
Carre Gallery Directors Award for my gorilla drawing.


Recognition is such a confidence booster and I can’t thank them enough.
Right then, enough grinning, I have work to do.
Haver a good day, every one.


Crumpet, tea and toast…


Crumpet the fox packaged and ready to go.
I take no chances so here’s how I do it…

1: Layer of bubble wrap.
2: Board over the front to protect the glass.
3: Second layer of bubble wrap.
4: Extra bubble wrap on each corner.
5: Third layer of bubble wrap.
6: Fourth layer of bubble wrap.
7: Wrapped in corrugated cardboard.
8: Wrapped in plastic.
9: Sent to arrive the next morning, trackable and signed for.
10: Wished well and bon voyage.

Now I don’t sleep until I know she has arrived safe and well.
It’s often a little hard to see them go. I spend so many hours with them,
looking into their eyes, seeing every shade of light and dark, every whisker,
really getting to know them. I feel honoured to draw them.
I am lucky to be able to do what I love and love what I do.
So now I’m going to drink tea and eat toast…’cause I love that, too!


Peas, pied and poppies…

TB and I walked nine miles yesterday.
It was a beautiful day and he took some lovely photographs en route.

We walked through a field of peas as they were being harvested and enjoyed a handful (or two) of those left behind. I shall be using some of his work as reference for drawings. Team work…tis all about the team work!

Foxes, dogs and sunshine…

During my cancer treatment I received so much support from many people, some of whom I’ve never met. My gratitude knows no bounds and as I’ve always been a big believer in paying it forward, every year I draw four or five portraits in aid of charities.

So far this year I have given three (Waltham Forest Cat Protection, The Fox Project, Boston Pilgrim Stroke Unit) and have two more scheduled (Lincolnshire Dog Rescue and The National Fox Welfare Society).

It’s not entirely selfless. It makes me feel I am giving something back and that is a good, good feeling. So, on this beautiful sunny morning I am smiling like a mad thing as I trawl through photographs of foxes and dogs. Life’s pretty darn fine!

Crumpet and the Fox Project

This portrait of Crumpet is being auctioned in aid of the Fox Project.
(And here’s their Facebook Page)
The outside measurement of the frame are 54.5cm x 44.5cm.
Crumpet’s story and how to bid are below.

Crump 3ACrump Frame

Crumpet is the smallest adult fox that The Fox Project have had in, in a long time, weighing in at just 2.76kg.
Crumpet has front leg deformations and is possibly mildly brain damaged.
It was decided that for her own safety, she could not be released back
into the outside world, so she’s gone to someone that The Fox Project knows who takes non-releasable foxes and now lives with three others in a very large, naturalistic run.

Bids can be place here on Bren Hopping’s Fund Raising Page

Go, people, bid…let’s do Crumpet proud.

Couch to 5K…

Today I told Sarah Millican to f*ck off!

She kep telling me to run. Every 90 seconds she told me to run…and I did.

I’ve downloaded the NHS Couch to 5K app and have just survived the first run of week one. I chose Sarah to bully me. Thank you TB for running with me at the slowest pace known to man, woman or beast :)

I’m a seasoned walker but now it’s time to run.
TB was a triathlete so he can already do that running thing and cycling and swimming. Really though, walking and running will do for me.

Go me!