Nose job…

I spent several hours today working on a dog’s nose but have packed everything away without taking a photograph…sorry!

Pale Rider…

I’ve been working on Clint today.
He’s going well and I’m pleased with him so far.

After a couple of hours

After four hours.
More work on the dogs tomorrow.


Late start but new bicycle :o)

Oh Lord…what a late start! But you know how it is! We nipped out to look for another bookcase and bought a vintage 50s-ish sofa and armchairs instead…as you do
Then, I nipped next door and bought my neighbour’s bicycle
and then watched as Toyboy Husband adjusted it all for me.

So now I have to chain myself to my easel…Lord “nose” I have work to do. I’m also working on a portrait of a certain Mr Eastwood who I’m reliably told is a cool customer.

Oh nose!

Today I shall be mostly working on noses!

                      These are the before photographs

and this is after about three hours working on
Willow’s nose and face (mostly the nose!)
…still much to do.

Lifting the lid…

I removed the lid from a new jar of coffee this morning…

I do have the most wonderful husband.

I still have much to do to Willow and Faye but may work on something else today as sometimes it’s good to take a break from a picture. Having said that, I shall probably be unable to resist “adding a highlight” here and there and that will no doubt lead to several hours spent on a nose!

Faye, Willow and marmalade

Today I shall be Willowing; yesterday I worked on Faye.
Here are the girls after a further five hours…

…and I’ve come to the conclusion that having marmalade on my mid-morning toast instead of Marmite is not good, as it seems I need seconds when it’s spread with that lovely, tangy orange stuff.

Freddie has arrived

I usually photograph portraits once they’re framed and ready to go but I didn’t do this with Freddie so his mum, Rosella, kindly sent me a photograph from her end

“He arrived today. We are thrilled with the portrait Yasmin!  You’re so talented.  You have caught him just perfectly . It is just sooooo my boy.  Very impressed with the framing too”

Rosella also sent me the following photographs of her cats enjoying the packaging…

…I love how cats cannot resist a cardboard box!

Today, the light is rather odd and even with lamps it is difficult to work. It is strange how this happens; it can be better to wait till it’s dark. So not much going on other than some rough sketches (and some cosy reading) as I don’t want to risk getting any colours wrong!

Happy Birthday, Lance!

One of the portraits I’m working on at the moment is to be a birthday gift so I haven’t been able to post about it until today which is the gentleman’s birthday. So, firstly, Lance, I hope you have a great day and a fantastic holiday.

The portrait is of two black labradors named Faye and Willow. The slideshow below shows the work in progress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is after about twelve hours so plenty more to go!

The Scott Polar Research Institute: These Rough Notes

I’ve been to the current exhibition at The Scott Polar Research Institute and wowsers!
It’s  The story of the Terra Nova expedition, explored through the letters, diaries and photographs of its members, is being told in this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition at the Polar Museum.”

I really loved it and was a bit overcome to see the actual journals. I took a very rubbish photograph of this:

Captain Scott’s final journal open on the last entry…oh yes!

It was a bit of a wobbly moment for me so it’s actually a bit of a blur (not unlike the photograph) so my wonderful husband (did I mention we’re married now?) is going to take me back; maybe I’ll get a better picture…

I’m slowly working my way through as many accounts from different angles of Scott’s final expedition as I can find. I’m also reading accounts of  the Discovery, Nimrod and Endurance expeditions. I’d love to find a copy of Priestley’s journal from the Northern Party which was part of Scott’s Final Expedition…I found one for £1350 but I’d like to pay a little less!