St John the Evangelist…

I began a drawing of St John the Evangelist last year but abandoned it. Last week, a short notice call for submissions to an exhibition for which he is relevant had me putting him back on the easel and finally completing him. I didn’t enjoy this drawing. I don’t feel it demonstrates my ability as it has no life. Of course it doesn’t, it’s a statue but I found this very, very difficult. Yet I enjoy drawing collars on dogs, bicyles, cars which have no life but wait…they shine…they are shiny and sparkly. I think this was the problem with St John…he has no sparkle in stone form.


Still, here he is, finished and ready for the exhibition.
My husband has submitted a couple of photographs..I am very proud of him.

I’m happy that Crumpet is back on the easel.


She is to be auctioned in aid of the fabulous Fox Project.
Here’s their website and here’s their Facebook page.
Sooo much life in this…thanks to the project.

This lady raises funds for the project…go join her page!