Find Mr Tea a home…

Lincolnshire Rescue Kennels
do a fantastic job but they have a problem…Mr Tea,
a truly handsome, wonderful boy has been in residence too long!

Mr Tea

As a thank you to whoever gives Mr Tea his forever home, once has been with you for six months, I will draw his portrait…it will give me great pleasure to do so.

Below are his details taken from Lincolnshire Rescue’s Facebook page
(Mr Tea has his own page)

Tea is a very strong boy who would benefit greatly from some lead training; his knowledge of commands is improving since he has been with us , he can do sit and get down ( when jumping up ) and understands a firm no . We are teaching him paw but currently he likes hitting us in face with paw !

Despite the kennel environment Tea has actually calmed down a little since being here and would surely come on in leaps and bounds once he is in the right home. Tea loves his walks but is very strong and pulls like a steam train so needs training on this

Tea is fantastic in a home environment and is fully housetrained , he loves to play with toys and he is very very loving and loyal . Tea has no issues around food or possessions , he is a quiet dog in a home He is much calmer in a home than in a kennel and is a pleasure to be around.

Tea is fully vaccinated and castrated .

Tea needs firm boundaries , he needs to know the rules of what is allowed and what is not .

As Tea is a big dog who is very strong ,he needs to go to a home without young children, 10years + would be fine

Although Tea loves humans and is very affectionate , he isn’t a fan of dogs at the minute ,and I wouldn’t recommend he lives with cats .

Cats – No
Children – Over 10 only
Dogs – No

More in depth details about Mr Tea are in the mr Teas day out 23.3.17 album and videos are in video album

(reduced cost £35 neutering voucher subject to availability and qualifying breed , please ask a member of staff if this dog qualifies )

Questions ? please ring 01522 730502 and leave a message if no answer . please note most of our dogs are stray so we have limited history on them , but will do our best to help