Harper Lee, Tim Spector and a pot of tea

Ugh! It’s so overcast and dull today and quite muggy, too. Not a day which inspires me to draw. I want to put my feet up with a pot of tea and a book. I do have some research books which need reading and a large, huge, enormous pile of “To be Read” fiction. Hmmm…

I recently read Emma Donaghue’s Room. It’s a beautiful book, easy to read (it took me a day) and the little boy stole my heart. So perhaps another one-day-book would be good. At the weekend I bought Go Set a Watchman as To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my absolute favourites. I have read much about the reasons Harper Lee “hid” the sequel which has made me want to read it all the more and now I have it in my hands. So today, I think, will be a catch up day, Harper Lee and Tim Spector…a little fiction and a lot of fact.

(But you know I’ll draw…I just can’t help myself!)