The Scott Polar Research Institute: These Rough Notes

I’ve been to the current exhibition at The Scott Polar Research Institute and wowsers!
It’s  The story of the Terra Nova expedition, explored through the letters, diaries and photographs of its members, is being told in this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition at the Polar Museum.”

I really loved it and was a bit overcome to see the actual journals. I took a very rubbish photograph of this:

Captain Scott’s final journal open on the last entry…oh yes!

It was a bit of a wobbly moment for me so it’s actually a bit of a blur (not unlike the photograph) so my wonderful husband (did I mention we’re married now?) is going to take me back; maybe I’ll get a better picture…

I’m slowly working my way through as many accounts from different angles of Scott’s final expedition as I can find. I’m also reading accounts of  the Discovery, Nimrod and Endurance expeditions. I’d love to find a copy of Priestley’s journal from the Northern Party which was part of Scott’s Final Expedition…I found one for £1350 but I’d like to pay a little less!