Hedgehog Street and Kate Macrae…bad distractions! :o)

Yesterday, I only worked for four hours on Milo, but he is coming along very nicely. I got a little distracted by Hedgehog Street and Wildlife Kate,  especially the live webcams of foxes and woodmice.

Here’s a perdy little hedgehog I met a little while ago.


Milo…delicious malted chocolate drink?

I’ve not yet posted about Milo as my client has commissioned this to be a gift and I didn’t want to ruin any surprise but I’ve been assured this isn’t a problem, so heeeeeere’s Milo!

After four hours

After about eleven hours and still much to do. I usually take more photographs along the way but didn’t this time, so a bit of a leap for this one.

He’s a beautiful dog and the photographs I’ve been sent are very good for getting plenty of references to noses and ears and the like.

Listen up, Derwent!


My preferred pencils are Derwent, from left to right, Coloursoft, Artist and Studio.  I’ve used Derwent exclusively for fifteen years and see no need to try any other brand; they really are as good as it gets. Coloursoft and Artist are round cased, Studio have hexagonal casing.

One of them doesn’t ever roll off any surface, land on the floor and crack the lead inside the casing. Two of them do. Although, the casing is pretty solid and offers good protection, it is a pain crawling under tables and easels to find dropped pencils.

(Derwent’s reasoning for this is that the Studio are hard leads and generally used by draughtsman who use sloping drawing boards so have to have non-rolling pencils.)

Just one of life’s minor irritations. It’s nothing in the great scheme of things but hey…

Egg Free Mayonnaise

I took yesterday off and feel better for it but now need to catch up. I’ve nipped into town and collected a couple of drawings from one exhibition because tomorrow they need to be in a different exhibition. I’ve bought a new bulb for my drawing lamp which really needs replacing completely but I have other priorities right now.

I’ve just had breakfast, a tomato, basil and mayonnaise sandwich on granary bread. It’s just an excuse to have the mayo…Plamil Egg Free which I love but it would be too tacky to eat it straight from the jar! Wouldn’t it?

Cold remedy

Well, I tried but my stinky cold beat me. I managed an hour’s drawing before my runny nose, stuffy head and frequent coughing won. I should take advantage and go to bed to catch up on some reading but I feel too rubbish to read. Why is there no remedy for a cold? It’s minor, I know, but it’s very annoying. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow…