One Little Egg and the British Hen Welfare Trust

I am thrilled that Yasmin Coleman has offered a bespoke pet portrait as a mini-auction prize. Her work is incredible. So whoever pledges the highest donation before Saturday will win a bespoke portrait of their pet by Yasmin. It’s an incredible gift for yourself or a loved one, & every single penny will go to the BHWT to help end battery farming. Just email your pledge to:

One Little Egg began with one little egg, which was swapped for a Marmite Toast Rack, which was swapped for  signed Star Trek script, which was swapped for a night in a Welsh B&B, which was swapped for a £125 Red Letter Day voucher…you get the picture! The hope is to end up with something valuable to auction to raise funds for the British Hen Welfare Trust.
In addition to this, to help One Little Egg raise funds for the Trust I’ve donated a portrait which is being auctioned.